Brackley & District Bowling Club

Coaching Facilities

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, no Coaching can take place at present. Indoor Rinks are currently closed.

The Club has one Level Two and two Level One qualified coaches, who are available to coach both those new to the game of bowls as well as helping existing members with their skill sets.
Please use the "Contact Us" page to enquire about coaching.

Skills Workshop
The second in a series of Coaching Workshops was held on Monday 25th November. Coaches set up a number of exercises aimed at improving a range of skills, including accuracy of delivery, reading a head, beating the shot wood and playing to a jack in the ditch. The sessions are aimed at both beginners and bowlers at all levels of experience. It is hoped to continue these Workshops and the coaches look forward to welcoming more club members.
Coaching Picture 1